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Welcome to the Idaho Gourd Society.  We were first organized in 1998 and we are celebrating our nineteenth anniversary, this year, 2017.

The purpose of the Idaho Gourd Society is to create a fun, friendly, and relaxed environment where gourd enthusiasts in Idaho can get together and create gourd art.  We are dedicated to the education and instruction of those interested in gourd history, cultivation, painting, crafts, and fine gourd art.  We offer you an opportunity to participate in classes, festivals, shows, and competitions.  From beginner to expert, we have something for everyone.

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Click here for a pdf copy of the 2017 IDGS color brochure side one

Click here for a pdf copy of the 2017 color brochure  side two

Winner of the 2017 Gourd Crafting Contest.  Judging took place at the Annual Picnic on July 15, 2017.

Congratulations Amy Halladay -

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