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This page will be updated frequently with new tips.

Also enjoy our 2014 Gourd Tips book in  pdf  or word

Informative articles

How To Clean A Gourd   (pdf)

Gourd Safety (pdf)

 Liz Meyer-

When using oil or Prismacolor pencils, blend by using a heat gun on the area after applying pencil, this softens the base of the pencil (oil or wax) and then you can blend with a stiff brush or paper stump.

If you are using a Sharpie to color on a gourd, heat set it before spraying with a finish to prevent the color from running

Growing Hard Shelled Gourds  re-printed/re-posted with permission form the author, Helen Olena.  (Pdf)
Although this article was written for Pennsylvania much of it applies to Idaho and it is very informative

Christopher Koch gave us this next tip while teaching a class at the Rochester patch.

   Apply liquid floor wax as a finish.  He recommends three coats.

Please e-mail any tips or tutorials you would like to share to


Gourds on knitting needles to spray sealant and dry in the sun… Thanks Christopher Koch

Corlis Kent -  Don’t have a scrubbie? -  use tin foil waded up to clean the gourd.

                    A mesh laundry bag is great for storing those small gourds

                    A large binder clip works as a hot glue gun stand.

Barbara Gamel -  Use the head of a large nail to clean the inside of a small gourd

Tutorials -

Pine Needle Coiling on Gourd Rim  click for instructions

Tulips made from egg & banana gourds -   by Rhonda Walters Gill  click for instructions

Mosquito Plant Stake  - by Peggy Jarred  click here for tutorial

Create a mini greenhouse by cutting the tops off plastic bottles and placing over the cups you are using to plant seeds.  

Bill Tarlton

When making a gourd lamp or any design on a gourd that will have embellishments use Take & Stick to temporarily attach the beads, etc. to check your placement before drilling holes or embedding items.

When using a compass and it keeps slipping use several small layers of blue painters tape on the area to hold the point of the compass in place.

Lorrie Ferris -  Use an Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner to clean carving burrs

Create a drying stand using a small piece of wood with three large nails inserted in the wood in a triangle pattern

Carol Joyce -  cut a clothes hanger to create a means to hang your painted gourd to dry or to hold your gourd while painting.

Chia Wood has created a web page detailing how to make gourd instruments.. Click on the link   www.rivenwoodbooks.com/music/music.htm