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The Rochester Gourd Patch of the Idaho Gourd Society held a special gourd crafting contest with gourds donated by Robin Crowley-Mize. The gourds were all about the size and shape of watermelons.

Each person had one month to clean and complete their masterpiece. They could create anything they wanted as long as the gourd used was from the donated stash. Judging was done by everyone who attended the meeting by casting a vote for their favorite.

The results were amazing, with Teresa Vasquez winning first place, Michele Swan taking second place and Alica Sherer taking third.

Congratulations Ladies!

                                               Second place winner Michele Swan gourd in the front. If you look real close you will see that                                                the bottom stand was cut off the top of the gourd.

     Alicia Sherer third place winner Native American Gourd.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Teresa Vasquez first place winner. pineneedle coiling antler and great lid. Awesome job Teresa

Rochester Patch Potluck  June 8, 2016

Teresa Vasquez first place winner. pine needle coiling, antler, and great lid. Awesome job Teresa

Kuna Patch  -  June 9th 2016

Veletta taught us how to wire a gourd to make it into a lamp

Hardest part - measuring and cutting rod for stringing cord thru gourd.

Finished ready for art work, lamp shades, and
light bulb