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Sunshine Patch  63 N Wedgewood Dr.  Nampa, Id  461-2021        11:00 to ?   Liz Meyer

The 4th Wednesday of each month is the official meeting of the Sunshine Patch.  They meet every Wednesday, but call Liz to verify that she will be holding meetings on Wednesdays other than the official day.  Bring what you are working on
(or want to work on) and any questions about 'gourding' and/or techniques. Contact Liz if you need directions to her place. We'll see you in the Sunshine!

nshine Patch.  They meet every Wednesday, but call Liz to verify that she will be holding meetings on Wednesdays other than the official day.  Bring what you are working on
(or want to work on) and any questions about 'gourding' and/or techniques. Contact Liz if you need directions to her place. We'll see you in the Sunshine!

Meridian Patch -3907 W Big Creek Dr.  Meridian, Id  288-5557  Shirley Eastman  10:00 to 1:00

Meridian Patch meets every Monday to work on projects that you need to finish or start.  
Call Shirley before the Monday meeting to verify it will be held.

Woodcraft Patch -Boise     Social, Wheel of Goodies, and Show & Tell  from 10-10:30  Business meeting starts at 10:30   Class follows business meeting

Saturday  September 9th -  10:00 AM  social time - meeting starting at 10:30 AM  -   

 events, the wheel of goodies and show and tell.

 Also, Ron has not had anyone contact him about doing demonstrations at the Western Idaho Fair. He will have the sign up sheet available at this meeting, so please consider volunteering a few hours your time. Thank You!

 We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

 Your Idaho Gourd Society Board of Directors



Rochester Patch   1416 Rochester   Caldwell, Id  208-459-3211     Alan Sweeney

 Wednesday  September 13th   6-9 PM

 Greetings Rochester Gourd Patch,

Its time for the September Rochester Patch. This month we all will be participating in the long awaited "Progressive Gourd Challenge". I have had a lot of questions as to what this is and how it will work. So here is the official rules for the "Progressive Gourd Challenge":

You must be an IDGS member to participate. Membership applications will be available for any newbies. Out of town and international guest are welcome to participate without membership.   

What to bring:

1. One craft ready gourd of any size, shape or variety. Optional: You can cut the gourd open and clean out the inside if you want, but it cannot be painted, sealed, decorated, power or chip carved, or cut into designs in anyway shape or form. A simple bowl or vase type cut will be permitted. It must remain in its raw form. (If you are new and don't have a gourd, one can be pulled from the IDGS Gourd Bank. Please ask)

2. Fast drying glue and accelerator. You will need this to attach embellishment etc. to your gourd. This year Glue Guns, double sided tape or any other adhesive will also be allowed. You will need to supply your own and can take it with you as you progress throughout the challenge. power will be provided at each table/station.

3. Apron and rubber gloves. (optional)

4. Embellishments. You will need to bring at least two kinds of embellishment to share/add to the table/stations that will be set up. (This is a great way to clean out the ones you will never use or just want to get rid of) If you don't have any embellishments, you can pick up all kinds of things extra cheap at second hand stores or yard sales.

5. A desire to have creative fun.

 How it will work:

I will have table/stations set up in different locations throughout the shop (and outside if weather permits). Each table/station will contain random embellishments that were brought by each of you. A table/station or two will have woodbruners with skew pens available for use. No saws, power carvers or gouges aloud. Only the tools that are made available can be used, as well as glue guns. No other outside tools aloud (this includes pocket knives etc.) If caught trying to sneak in tools, secret embellishment or anything not on table/stations, the BIG gourd dude will promptly remove your cheating butt and you will be disqualified and sidelined. Warning: A metal detector and TSA security will be set up at the gate.  

Members participating will be divide up into equal groups. You must stay with your assigned group.  Each group will then draw a number which will match a number on a table. This is where that group will begin. Each group will be given 15 minutes at each table/station. A bell will ring at the end of the 15 minutes and your group will need to drop everything and move clockwise to the next table/station. This will continue until all groups have hit all tables/stations.

When the final bell is rang, everyone will stop and put their wonderful creations on one table to be judged. If caught trying to work on your gourd after the final bell you will once again meet "The BIG Gourd dude"


I think it would be best if I can find someone outside our group to be the judge. Someone with no gourd experience. This might be the neighbor or a complete stranger walking down the street. Originally I thought the group should vote for the winner, but after rethinking it and knowing that everyone will know who has created which piece. We don't want the popular cheerleader or cool tattooed person who always wins contests based on popularity to sway the vote. So I will come up with the outside judge somewhere even if it means kidnapping a total stranger.


Awards will be given for first, second, and third place winners. You will just have to wait and see what those awards will be.

 So please come join in the fun. This is a great way to just let go and set your inner gourd head free.  

 Upcoming Classes

  October 11th  - Colored pencils on Gourds
   November 8th -  Prepare Table Decoration for Canyon County Festival of Trees
  December 13th - Christmas Potluck

Kuna Patch -  2417 W Kuna Rd, Kuna, Id   922-5929  The Tole Shed - Veletta Murphey

August 29th - Tuesday 1-4 pm - Mosquito Plant Stake - Peggy

Supplies :

A small to medium egg gourd - read tutorial to see how to cut gourd, preferably before class

Quickwood, if you have it.

Quick drying glue

Flat Marbles

Small bells

Copper or gold colored 24 gauge wire

Wire cutters

Eye hook

I have a supply of bodies that are cut and will furnish those.  

Please print out the Tutorial the instructions for cutting the egg gourd

Mosquito Plant Stake  - by Peggy Jarred  click here for tutorial

 Upcoming Classes

September -  no patch meetings

October 12th - Witch - Veletta

Upcoming classes

 September  - Lots of people traveling during the month - no classes

October 12th - Witch - Veletta