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Sunshine Patch  63 N Wedgewood Dr.  Nampa, Id  461-2021        11:00 to ?   Liz Meyer

The 4th Wednesday of each month is the official meeting of the Sunshine Patch.  They meet every Wednesday, but call Liz to verify that she will be holding meetings on Wednesdays other than the official day.  Bring what you are working on
(or want to work on) and any questions about 'gourding' and/or techniques. Contact Liz if you need directions to her place. We'll see you in the Sunshine!

Meridian Patch -3907 W Big Creek Dr.  Meridian, Id  288-5557  Shirley Eastman  10:00 to 1:00

Meridian Patch meets every Monday to work on projects that you need to finish or start.  
Call Shirley before the Monday meeting to verify it will be held.

Kuna Patch -  2417 W Kuna Rd, Kuna, Id   922-5929  The Tole Shed - Veletta Murphey

Please note that the days for Kuna Classes have changed - Classes will be held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from 1-4 pm and on the last Tuesday of the month from 1-4 pm,

 April 25th - Tuesday 1-4 pm  finish up Gourd Lamp -  Peggy Jarred

  In this class we will be placing beads in the holes that we drilled in the first

  Bring to Class:
      Gourd with all holes drilled
      Beads if you are using other beads than those provided
      Apron and/or small container to capture beads

  I will bring:
        Beads, instant glue

Starting in May, Kuna classes will revert back to 2nd Thursday of the month and the last Tuesday of the month.
   May 11th  -  Thursday  6-9 PM     Textures & Finishes - Carol Joyce
   May 30th -   Tuesday   1-4 pm     Textures & Finishes finish up

  Rochester Patch     1416 Rochester, Caldwell, ID   459-3211  Alan Sweeney

May 10th - 6-9 pm   - Corlis Kent Carla Arnold   Pointillism

Supplies needed:

2 gourd shards that are both 4" x 4" in size

1 Faber-Castell Black Pitt Pen #199 size S

Corlis will provide all other supplies needed.






A Forever Red White and

Blue Birdhouse created using

this technique by Carol Joyce









Images of a Work in Progress by Carol Joyce


Images of a start to finish project by Antonia Jáuregui Tamayo





A Forever Red White and

Blue Birdhouse created using

this technique by Carol Joyce


Woodcraft Patch -    Social, Wheel of Goodies, and Show & Tell  from 10-10:30  Business meeting starts at 10:30   Class follows business meeting

May 13th - Dream Catcher - Barbs Gamel

Dream Catcher Class

 Supplies you need to bring:

   One clean gourd : finished to your liking out side

                            It must be finished on the inside cleaned sanded and painted.

                            Cut a circle 4 to 6 inches depending on your gourd.

Drill holes, evenly spaced apart from one another. The number should also be even whatever amount you choose. The more holes the tighter the web.

     1 Embroidery Needle that will fit through the holes. With large eye.


I will furnish the weaving cord I have White, Brown, Dark Green, Rust.

  Plus Sinew these are all waxed. I also have some other thread that can be used but waxed is easier to work with.

   Beads , Feathers, and a few other adornments

Barbara Gamel

344-9893  after April 25th

Class members should bring a cleaned gourd decorated to your liking. The gourd should have been opened and cleaned out, scraped clean and  sanded smooth  and painted inside. Black shows the web quite well; I personally like to put a varnish over the finish so I can wipe the dust out a year later.

 Cut a 4 to 6 inch hole in your gourd to weave the web. You will drill a even numbers of holes around the opening, the more holes the tighter the web will be.

        If you were at Veletta's class last month on marking your gourd the information may be helpful in this project.

        You can also make a circle on a piece of paper folding in half, quarters eights  Ect. till you have the number of holes you want, then  mark on the gourd where to drill the holes.  

I some times thread small beads on as I weave just to make it different.

To get an Idea of what we are doing go onto Pinterest dream catchers  click on  78+ images about Gourd Dream Catchers on Pinterest This has some great pictures for getting an Idea of how you want to make your web. It also shows you how others have decorated the gourd to make it more interesting.

There is also a nice information site if you put in How to Make a Dream catcher Gourd by Wizzley dreamcatcher-gourds


   Upcoming Classes
June 10th - Carving Fest -
July 8th - Annual Picnic - and gourd art contest  Theme - Hello Gorgeous