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                                                 Rho Chapter of the American Gourd Society

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Sunshine Patch  63 N Wedgewood Dr.  Nampa, Id  461-2021        11:00 to ?   Liz Meyer

The 4th Wednesday of each month is the official meeting of the Sunshine Patch.  They meet every Wednesday, but call Liz to verify that she will be holding meetings on Wednesdays other than the official day.  Bring what you are working on
(or want to work on) and any questions about 'gourding' and/or techniques. Contact Liz if you need directions to her place. We'll see you in the Sunshine!

Meridian Patch -3907 W Big Creek Dr.  Meridian, Id  288-5557  Shirley Eastman  10:00 to 1:00

Meridian Patch meets every Monday to work on projects that you need to finish or start.  
Call Shirley before the Monday meeting to verify it will be held.

Woodcraft Patch -    Social, Wheel of Goodies, and Show & Tell  from 10-10:30  Business meeting starts at 10:30   Class follows business meeting

August 12th -   


Kuna Patch -  2417 W Kuna Rd, Kuna, Id   922-5929  The Tole Shed - Veletta Murphey

July 25th - Tuesday 1-4 pm  Clay - Bill

Clay Texturing Technique:  This particular application allows you to use Dimensional Paint, Apoxie Sculpt or Paper Clay as a medium.  An example is shown in the picture below and to the right and below the turquoise stone.  Also, in the picture below the three medallions and the star are examples of how this technique can be applied.

We've all experienced it!  The perfect gourd, just the right shape and size, great natural patina, and has the thickness we want.  THEN WE FIND OUT IT HAS A CRACK OR HAS THAT DREADED BLEMISH.  There are many ways to fix a crack and to hide an ugly spot.  This technique is just another one you can add to your repertoire. You've most likely also thought "this gourd needs something else to make it complete."  This technique may just be the option to fill that blank space with the right design.


- Texture Magic Dimensional Paint or Paper Clay or Apoxie Sculpt

- A gourd of your choice or for this class you can also use a shard approximately 6"x6"  or larger

- Baby Powder - PROVIDED

- Exacto Knife

- Hand held Roller or Small Acrylic Clay Roller

- Black Acrylic Paint

- Paint Brush - the acrylic and to brush off the baby powder

- Copper/Brass Rub-on Patina - PROVIDED

- 6"x6" piece of wax paper

- Plastic Clay Cutter or you can use the back of the Exacto Knife blade

- Rubber Stamps - PROVIDED by Bill & Jan

      Roller 1


                                       Roller 2                          Dimensional Paint

                                                                                                                             Star & Three Medallions

Upcoming classes

 August  10th - Thursday  6-9 pm-  Egg Shells

August 29th - Tuesday 1-4 pm - Bug Plant Stake - Peggy

September  - Lots of people traveling during the month - no classes

October 12th - Witch - Veletta




Rochester Patch   1416 Rochester   Caldwell, Id  208-459-3211     Alan Sweeney

 August 9th  6-9 pm  - Chris Peters - Clay on Gourds


Up coming classes