Idaho Gourd Society

                                             Rho Chapter of the American Gourd Society

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  Links to supporters of the Festival

   Amish Gourds gourds, tools and supplies, books, Proxxon power tools

    Betsy Sloan- The Pod Lady
 Pods, books, beads, and botanicals

Pens, paints, oils, supplies, containers and storage.

   Blue Whale Arts
Gourd lights, bead, dyes, pods and natural embellishments.

   The Caning Shop-
Books, tools, wood burning tools, threads and cords,& exotic materials.

   Garry Carr- Gourd-designs
High end  gourd art.

  Cascade Carvers Supply-
Carving tools and gloves, magnifiers, apoxie sculpt.

  Chipping Away
Carving tools, air brushing systems, foredoomed pore tools

Many kinds of arts and crafts supplies, pens, material, paints.

   Jan Cunningham- The Pampered Gourd
Feathers, botanicals, pods, waxed linen, artificial sinew

   D & B Supply  
Hardware, tools, pig panels for arbors to grow gourds upon.

   Del Rio Botanical-
Gourd seeds, vegetable seed wholesale, gourmet produce box delivery

   Kristy Dial-Gecko Gourds
Beautiful southwestern style gourds

   Drake Knives  
Beautifully crafted quality knives for chip carving

Glitz Beadz-
A huge selection of beads, classes and finished pieces for sale

   Idaho Tool-
One stop shop for all new and used tools. Burrs and bits for all carving  projects.

   Lee Valley Tools-
High quality woodworking , wood burning, wood finishing, woodcarving tools. Hardware and sharpening  supplies.

   Maria's Art Creations-
Paints, Jacquard inks and mediums, memories ink dyes,tools, glues and embellishments

   Miriam Joy
Rubber templates, wax melting and designing tools, instructional DVD's, cutting tools, gemstones, beads, and embellishments.


  North End Organic Nursery
 Landscaping, classes, organic lawn care

  Orr Trading Company-
Beads, crystals,charms,skulls and claws, shells, feathers, conchos, arrowheads, other embellishments.

  Razortip Industries
Gourd and wood burners, about 800 different tips for all of your burning needs

  Sculpt Nouveau  
 Patinas and Metal Finishes   

   Smoky Mountain Wood Carvers-
 Carving tools,burrs,burning tools,finishes,kits, books, anything you would need for carving, chip carve ring tools

    Ron Swank- Rising Sunflower Flutes
Home of the Thunder drum and the supplies to make one. Flutes made from sunflower stalks. New gourd art using lasers to cut designs

   Tandy Leather
Feibing’s dye, leather, artificial sinew

  Treeline- Treeline USA
Power carving tools and burrs, sanding, pyrography supplies, traditional carving.

   Turbo Carver
Incredibly smooth and as easy to use as a pencil. Create detailed relief carvings. Very light weight and easy to use.

  Turtle Feathers Inc
Pine needles for weaving, gliders paste, beads, books and tutorials

  Welburn Gourd Farm-
Gourds, inks,tools,books, wood burners, power carvers.

   Woodcraft Shop-
Power tools, gouges, bits and burrs, books, patterns, chip carving tools and paints.

   Woodcraft of Boise
our very own project headquarters. They have gourd supplies, burning, carving, sanding, and clamping. Always great service

  Wuertz Gourd Farm-
Gourds,  dyes, scrubbers, gourd cleaning tools

Seeds and all accessories  for growing plants. Fertilizer, feed

   Susan Zanella- The Gourd Market
Gourds, embellishments, light kits and beads


McGraths Fish House

Flying Pie Pizza

The Ram Restaurant


Sophia's Greek Bistro

Vendor & donator with no web site

Lorrie Ferris - Gourd Art

Smoky Mountain Pizza

Goodwood BBQ

Kyoto's Japanese  Grill

Egg Factory

Famous Daves

Local Restaurants that donated to the Festival